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Photography duo AORTA and photographer Daniel Grizelj

Holy Mountain Posters is a collaboration project between Daniel, Kristian and Marco, three photographers based in Gothenburg, Sweden.Kristian Krän and Marco Grizelj have been working together for 20 years as the photography duo AORTA that has received numerous international photography awards. In 2015 they become Hasselblad Ambassadors. Daniel Grizelj is a photographer with 18 years of experience in the art scene as well as the advertising world.


We have shared a photo studio since 2006, a space where we meticulously create most of our images, from the initial idea to the final artwork. Through the years we've had a vision in common to make our work available in printed form in a fast and convenient way. For us that would represent the purest relationship between creator and art connoisseur. Recently, several technological advancements have come together, allowing us at last to make our vision a reality.


We will be honoured to be on your wall! Some of our works have been carefully selected to become luxurious yet affordable prints on a 240g/m2 matte paper. When buying an art poster from us, you support our creative work and your contribution will be invested into new projects, making more images available over time.  




Thank you, With Kind Regards // Daniel, Kristian and Marco

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